There are nearly 90,000 sites using Umbraco around the world – from small campaigns and local businesses to complex applications and global companies. Many organisations choose Umbraco because it is free of charge, easy to use, flexible and has unlimited potential.

Some of the large organisations using Umbraco include Vogue, Heinz, SanDisk, Microsoft ASP.NET, Peugeot, Warner Brothers.

This content management system offers many features which enable flexibility and bespoke design, and best of all it is free to use. If you choose for your new website to be built in Umbraco, you will still be able to manage and maintain the content yourself.


Umbraco is flexible enough to provide websites that are responsive to mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, with no need to alter the content. This CMS is able to deliver rich media content effectively, adding another dimension to your site.

Umbraco supports facilities such as e-learning and gaming, and has the tools to allow management of media and high-performance delivery of rich sites based on Flash, Silverlight, or HTML5.

For international organisations, or even smaller businesses who aim to reach a global audeince, Umbraco is able to support multilingual websites. Your website can be built in your chosen language with the multilingual back office tools.

Integration is not a problem for Umbraco – it can integrate seamlessly with most systems, such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft CRM and Salesforce.


If your business needs a non-traditional site, such as those used in a kiosk scenario, Umbraco is a great choice. Umbraco can keep kiosks up to date with the latest content by publishing your content from a central publishing server to multiple kiosks.

One of it's major benefits is it’s extensibility. You are able to add your own features or customize theirs using the Umbraco API. The CMS offers an array of add-ons, extensions, and skins.

Umbraco is the ideal choice for small to medium-sized enterprises with bespoke CMS requirements, or those who require integrations with external systems and data sources.

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