Kentico is a unique content management system (CMS) in that it is the only fully integrated ASP.NET, e-commerce, and online marketing platform that allows you to create innovative websites, and enhance your digital customers’ experiences across various platforms.

With an extensive set of advanced features and incredible levels of customisation, you can always fit the technology around your vision to see your ideas come to life.

The Online Marketing solution offered by this CMS gives you in-depth and real-time insight, to further enhance customer experiences. The Online Marketing solution offers a number of features to help you encourage and entice customers, analyze your campaigns to turn potential customers into actual customers.

Kentico has robust security features, which means you won't need to worry about your website being hacked, data being compromised, or information being leaked.


It is really easy to manage your page content with Kentico. Forms and page templates can be fully customized, and it is easy to add or amend content. To ensure your website is responsive to mobile devices, the CMS offers mobile previews and device detection, which means that whatever device you or your customers are using – your website can be accessed seamless via a range of platforms and channels.

Kentico offers an E-commerce solution which allows you to easily create effective online stores, to continue or even boost company sales locally and globally. It offers the flexibility to develop and grow your website as your business grows.

Kentico offers a solution enabling you to build, manage, host, and engage your online communities for a better brand experience. With built-in Social Media Integration, this ensures that you can reach your customers in a wide variety of methods and as far and wide as you wish. This also gives you the opportunity to be in close contact with your customers and build relationships.


The Kentico Intranet solution allows you to install, configure, and set up intranets, extranets, client portals, and custom collaboration solutions. With the ASP.NET intranet solution, there are a wide range of features available, including Document Management, Web Parts, Widgets, and Media Libraries. These options allow you to distribute information to your employees and team members, share documents, manage projects, and easily create workgroup sites.

As well as robust security measures, Kentico offers a stable, extensible, and accessible platform that is easy to deploy, both on-premise and in the cloud. It also offers 24/7 support and a 7-day bug-fix policy, so support is always on hand if you encounter any difficulties.

Kentico is the ideal choice for small to medium-sized enterprises with bespoke CMS requirements.

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